Voiceover Resume

                         "Adrift." Voice of Computer.                                     Black Mast Productions

                          "Nasty" Heavy Metal Rock Song                               Joel Silberman

                          "Chalchiuhtotalin." The Turkey                                 Iron Relic Entertainment *

                          WAVP Radio. Various Shows                                    Angry Viking Productions

                          Red Colt                                                                Angry Viking Productions

                          Phineas Hawke                                                       Angry Viking Productions

                          Jake Hammered                                                     Animated Pilot

                          Var. Literary Readings                                             VisArts Society

                          Julius Caesar                                                          VisArts Society 

                          60 sec. Crime Watch                                               Darian Entertainment

*Nominated for Best Sound Design along with Sound Designer Jordan Bennett for the LA 48 Hour Film Project

 For STRANGER THAN FICTION: I do not own the rights to the picture or dialogue of this clip, and am in no way attempting to profit from it. All music and SF were created by Jordan Bennett, with the exception of certain sounds that came from a royalty free sound library

I, Jessica Bennett, created various voiceover roles for this final project for the SAE Institute of Hollywood.