Professional Program

2013 - 2015

2010 BFA in Acting

Magna Cum Laude

Kung Fu

  • Eagle Claw with Sifu David Morizot 2014- Present. Current Green/White Sash.

  • Sigung Shum Leung

  • Shaolin White Dragon with Sigung Billy R. Smith 2012-2016

Swords and Weaponry

10+ years experience with Eastern and Western Sword Styles

Advanced Actor Combatant with the Society of American Fight Directors

Filippino Martial arts/kali with gurus Terese and keith davis for 1 year

Experts that I have worked/trained with: Nick Sandys, Chuck Coyl, Anthony DeLongis, Luke LaFontaine, David Baker, Neil Massey, Sarah Pitard, Brian Byrnes, Dale Girard, Tim Bell, Brian LeTraunik, Michael Jerome Johnson, Joshua Bradley, Chris Bradley, Bryan Forrest, Andrew Luckenbill, Samantha McDonald, Mark Quinn, Jake Quinn, Laura Napoli, Brian Danner, Travis Simms, Mike Mahaffey, Lacy Altwine, Michael Chin, Ray Rodriguez, K. Jenny Jones, Jay Burckhardt, Samantha J McDonald, David Sterritt

Precision Driving

  • Level 1 with Steve Buckley
  • Seattle Washington

Acting Techniques:

  • Shakespeare
  • Classical Text
  • Feldenkrais
  • Linklater
  • Movement to Music (John Jenkins)
  • Roy Hart Theatre
  • Fitzmaurice Technique
  • Lessac
  • Auditioning for Camera and Stage
  • Stella Adler
  • Second City Improv (Long and Short Forms)
  • Classical Dance: old world, jazz, ballet, modern

Teachers at DePaul University:

John Jenkins, Jane Brody, Phil Timberlake, Patrice Egleston, Nick Sandys, Dexter Bullard, Claudia Anderson, Phyllis Griffin, Damon Kiely, Mark Elliot, Julia Neary, Ann Wakefiled, Catherine Weidner, Don Ilko, Betsy Hamilton, Barry Brunetti