911 Operations and events ems with grady hospital emergency medical services

Atlanta, GA

Set Medic and Live Entertainment Medic; USA

• Accustomed to working with Stunt Coordinators & stunt teams as well as full production staff in the care & well-being of crew during long hours on set. 

• Filling out PCR’s with detail & precision for a variety of injuries & formats depending on the productions’ needs

• Can provide timely care within a large spectrum of injuries & keeping jump kit prepared for an unpredictable environment. Please ask for kit fees & can add to kit depending on location needs. 

• Have worked feature films, live shows, fight workshops, short films, & network television & with a wide age range

• Eligible to work as a set medic anywhere in the United States. Local with License in Los Angeles & Atlanta.

Credits include (See IMDB for Full Credits): 

  • "Love Is." 1st Unit. Season 1. 
  • CW's The Originals. Orange Cone Productions. Season 5. 
  • On site safety/medic for Sanctioned Society of American Fight Director Stage Combat workshops
  • Nickelodeon's Jagger Eaton's Mega Life. Superjacket Productions. Season 1. 
  • Clinical. Feature Film. Transplant Films. 
  • The Most Interesting Man in Showbusiness. Knockabout Pictures. 
  • World Peace. Rent Now Productions

Current Certifications & Licenses available on Request

References also available per request