Huge Congrats to Iron Relic Entertainment for the win for Best Film at the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project Holiday Edition. Our film will go on to Cannes Film Festival.


Best use of Prop, Best use of Character

Best Production Design - to everyone who helped build the medical tent, which was the entire team

Best Costumes 

Best Practical or Visual Effects

Best Sound Design

Best Music - Jordan Bennett 

Best Editing

Best Cinematography

Best Actress- Jessica Erin Bennett

Best Writing - Story by Bryan Forrest. Written by Jessica Erin Bennett, David Ewing, and Bryan Forrest

Best Directing

Best Film


Best Production Design

Best Costumes - thank you to The Manor Costume Storage

Best Sound Design - Jordan Bennett

Best Practical or Visual Effects - Andrew Luckenbill (& to everyone throwing dirt, but really Andrew) Blood Effects by Andrew Luckenbill and Kelby McClellan

Best Editing - Andrew Luckenbill & Bryan Bailey

Best Cinematography - Aric Abraham

Best Director - Bryan Forrest

Best Film 

Happy Holidays from Slam, Jab, and Little Blue House Productions.
What do you do when filmmakers & stunt women get together? A little fun holiday slapstick chaos.
Stunts by Samantha J McDonald and Jessica Erin Bennett
Camera, Sound, and Music by Jordan Bennett
Edited by Jessica Erin Bennett
Dog Wrangler, Light Wrangler by Jessica Nam

Original content shot in Atlanta, GA

It's always exciting to be able to share new reels and new work. New acting reel is up and running. Click below to watch. Also, new headshots by the amazing Michelle Rose Creative in Atlanta, GA. She is a must see if you're in the need of new professional shots. 

Thanks for watching!

Any day to create with dear friends & colleagues is a good day. In this case, it was a good weekend. Check out the trailer for "HOME AWAY." Story and Directed by Bryan Forrest. I had the privilege to be on the writing team, act, and fall down a little. 


It's here. After over a year in production, Never Hike Alone is available to watch in your home and for FREE. This was a true labor of love. I had the incredible honor of being the stunt coordinator for this production. Along with me were my incredible team:

Assistant Stunt Coordinator: Andrew Luckenbill

Jason Voorhees Stunt Double: Bryan Forreset

Kyle McLeod Stunt Double: Donny Nichols

Stunt Safety: Carolyn Feres


Bloody Disgusting

Telluride Horror Show Review

"And here, Jason feels just right. Played by DiSanti himself, with the stunts performed by Bryan Forrest, he’s this perfect plodding, hulking menace, silent and inexorable."

Horror Fix

Dread Central


Extremely grateful for a busy episodic season. Please make sure to check out my IMDB and IMDB Pro for even more updates. I'm also very excited for all the very cool projects I am a part of behind the scenes as well. 

Also a culmination of years of hard work comes a new Stunt Coordinator reel. Edited by my esteemed colleague Andrew Luckenbill and scored by my favorite song, "Grounds for Divorce" by Elbow from the album Seldom Seen Kid. *I have used this song with expressed permission but this video is not for profit*

Brand new shiny Stunt Reel for 2017 is up and ready to go!

If you follow this section, you have certainly heart of Womp Stomp Films' Never Hike Alone. We spent days and day up in Big Bear, CA to an abandoned campsite that was completely revamped by the incredible production design. To be a part of the amazing project with an incredible team has been a joy. There is now a new campaign to finish this project. If you are a horror, fan fiction, Friday the 13th, hiking, or even independent filmmaking, check out the Never Hike Alone Campaign

To boot, this post is being published on Friday the 13th of 2017 - so for the sake of irony, check this out now! Moreover, watch the intense trailer above. 

So excited to have been a part of dear friends, The Casada Family, baby announcement. To which sparked the idea that if you are looking for a super excited announcement: baby, engagement, surprise wedding, or that you just have some exciting news, let us help you tell it in an exceptional way. 

If you want to come be the star of your Hollywood announcement, or a scripted event that uses actors and stunt performers, the world just may be your oyster. Please visit my Contact page to get your special day announced today. To see the Casada Family announcement, press play below. Video is shared with permission and we are so excited to meet this little girl in 2017. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Little Blue House Productions! May your end of 2016 be merry and bright! 

May 2017 bring more collaboration, joy, and work!

Some super great write ups of "Foul Seas" for Go Pro! Thank you Light Sail VR for having me to fight and go overboard on this project. It was also a blast getting to choreograph with some of my closest weaponry friends.

Write up on

Watch Foul Seas 

Vote for Foul Seas for Best Narrative for VR Fest!

Despite doing my best to avoid so much social media presence, I finally have a professional Facebook page that is linked to my Instagram. Use the image to the right to send a message via Messenger and I will respond to you right away!

Visit the page here: Jessica Erin Bennett Stunts

Give me a like, enjoy some fun videos, and photos that have been popping up daily. 

Every once in a while a project truly surprises you. Every once in a while you get to your first production meeting for a movie called "Total awesome viking power" with an amazing director, crew, and cast, and you know you are on for a fun ride.

Total awesome viking power has now been seen on 88 international film festival screens, won some awards, and delighted audiences. now it is available for your viewing pleasure.

To Valhalla!

It's always a pleasure to join my friends at Iron Relic Entertainment for the challenge of the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project. Similar to last year's holiday endeavor, I had the fun of writing and directing a super quirky piece about love, loss, and Valentine's Day called "Love is a Narwhal" Check out the trailer below.


Huge thanks to Director and Stuntman Nick DeKay for having me on the team for "The Victimless Crime." I had the pleasure of dying several times as part of the Rebel Force, and taking a choke slam with the wonderful Kent De Mond.

The entire cast and crew was such a delight to work with. If you need an A team, check the video description for the Cast and Crew. 

Huge thanks to Brendan Kiley of the Seattle times for interviewing me for an article about the stunt industry. It was such a privilege to talk about the industry that I love so much, and where I started it all in Seattle, Washington. 

To check out the wonderful article that feature dear friends and esteemed colleagues, here you go! Seattle Times:

Crash Course

The image above is International Stunt School founder David "Maestro" Boushey and my mentor and dear friend, Daniel Ford Beavis. Photo credit: Benjamin Benschneider. Article written by Brendan Kiley

What's better than a birthday? A BIRTHDAY FIGHT!! Happiest of birthdays to my dear lady friend, colleague, and creator Carolyn Feres. So when your friend asks you to show up for her birthday and fight your closest friends, that's exactly what you do

Anytime Stuntman and Director Nick DeKay (also owner of Unit 2 Fitness in Atlanta, GA) calls, it means you show up with a full gear bag. Stay tuned for Victimless Crime, and to see yours truly get choke slammed and killed multiple times in multiple wardrobe. 

2016 has been a fun year, but certainly one of the highlights was working with Go Pro and light sail vr for "foul seas." WE set sail in san diego on a pirate schooner with a team of tremendous sword fighters, and performed, fought, and ended up with my overboard. To watch this tail, head here: Go Pro

Thank you to Light Sail Virtual Reality for having us as your stunt team to represent action for GoPro VR. From wardrobe to water safety, to rehearsals, and working with an actual pirate ship crew was an absolute great adventure. To the next one!

Check out this super fun shield and dagger fight I did with Stuntwoman Samantha J. McDonald. We are both weapon specialists, had a shield and dagger available - so we got together and fought!


I am so thrilled to be a part of this next generation, Friday the 13th Fan Film with Womp Stomp Films. Their campaign has launched and I am looking forward to getting on set with this passionate group of people. Speaking for the stunt team, we are excited to bring the fear, destruction, and magnitude of Jason to life in Never Hike Alone

Check this film out today! Never Hike Alone

Working in the Entertainment Industry means constantly learning new skills and learning what can set you apart. I love being on set, but I have always had a passion for helping people. Being a Stunt Woman and the daughter of medical professionals led me to get a new education. I am currently a Nationally Registered EMT, and already have worked for Network television, independent films and television. 

Head to the Set Medic or Contact me section for more! If you are in quick need, send an email to to see how I can help your production today!

It's that time of year where magic awakens! The Labyrinth Masquerade is August 5th and 6th! Thank you Sypher Arts Studios for having me puppeteer Kull the Earth God for this video with an incredible group of performers.

#LoJ2016 #LabyrinthMask

As the great Earth King Kull draws his people home to begin their slumber in the Forest of Lamond a mischievous eye see's his opportunity to set his plans in motion. Through the woods and over the river the call goes out..As the great Earth King Kull draws his people home to begin their slumber in the Forest of Lamond a mischievous eye see's his opportunity to set his plans in motion. Through the woods and over the river the call goes out...The Wild Hunt begins! Join us as we welcome the court of the Fairies and their would be King the ever devious and boisterous Puck! Explore two completely new rooms and realms of the Labyrinth as our winged friends bring their spirit and mirth to our halls. Experience the all new Twilight Grove and meet with these intriguing creatures face to face. But be warned, they are an alluring bunch that delight in trickery~ Tickets at www. August 5th & 6th 2016 @ The Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, USA ‪#‎LoJ2016‬ ‪#‎LabyrinthMask‬The Wild Hunt begins!
Join us as we welcome the court of the Fairies and their would be King the ever devious and boisterous Puck! Explore two completely new rooms and realms of the Labyrinth as our winged friends bring their spirit and mirth to our halls. Experience the all new Twilight Grove and meet with these intriguing creatures face to face. But be warned, they are an alluring bunch that delight in trickery~
Tickets at www.
August 5th & 6th 2016
@ The Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles, CA, USA
‪#‎LoJ2016‬ ‪#‎LabyrinthMask‬

Every so often a performer has to bite the bullet and get new headshots. I am so thankful to be surrounded by friends who have the talent to help me with this dreaded task, but to also be able to reveal my personality behind my eyes through skill & relationship. Thank you to actor and stunt performer Andrew Luckenbill for your help, editing, and helping me find my newest stunt headshot. 

Four person Rapier and Dagger Fight! Working on getting some new fun together for updated reels, and this was a fun idea that we couldn't pass up.

Performers are made of stunt professionals and fight professionals. Please do not try this at home without proper training and safety taken.

Performers: Samantha J McDonald, David Sterritt, Jake Guinn, and Jessica Erin Bennett
Camera and Editing my Max Calder [Stuntman]
Original Music by Jordan Bennett

Thank you so much for viewing. This fight was performed with steel rapier and daggers and filmed in Atlanta, GA. Thank you to Society of American Fight Director'sFight Master Scot Mann for allowing us to borrow your weapons, to The Barn for being a terrific practice space, and to everyone who made this happen in such a short amount of time. And to Starbucks, because it was freezing and very early when we did this.

Giant thanks to Stunt Coordinator Jennifer Badger for the opportunity to work for 20th Century Fox on their new show, Making History. It was such a pleasure, not to mention a blast, to ride horses & do some simple trick mounts as the stunt double for Leighton Meester. Ms. Meester's performace along with Yassir Lester and the amazing Adam Pally was a great experience, and what I know is going to be an incredible show! Keep an eye out for Making History

I am very thrilled to announce my new partnership with BMG Talent out of Atlanta, GA. Although still continuing my work in Los Angeles, I am also excited about working & creating out of Atlanta and with the amazing Justine Martin and Julie Martin. I know this will be an exciting venture, and I look forward to seeing you all on set soon!

Huge congrats once again to  Iron Relic Entertainment for creating a hauntingly beautiful film, "Diana." Originally created for the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project, took home 10 Nominations and 5 wins including Best Sound Design and Best Score for Jordan Bennett (also co-produced with Little Blue House Productions) and Best Director Alexander Ward. Yet another film in the cask of work from Iron Relic Entertainment that will hopefully be hitting the festival circuit. 

The old adage is: just go shoot it. As a sword professional for over ten years, it is always a privilege to swashbuckle with those who challenge you. Thank you to Stunt Performer Samantha J McDonald and Entertainer and Sword Pro Jake Guinn for this amazing duel. The idea is two ladies tied together, and challenged for their lives. This was choreographed by all three of us and shot within a week of conception. 

Thank you too to Stunt Professional Max Calder for shooting this so well and helping us tell our story!

original score by composer Jordan Bennett (

Happy 2016! And it can't start any better than with some of my favorite professionals. Thank you to Iron Relic Entertainment for always making us look cool on camera, and DP Joey Rassool (@JoeyRassool) for always making the shot. 

In this edition check out:

Carolyn Feres @ms.carolynferes

Andrew Luckenbill @ALuckenbill86

Bryan Forrest @sirbryanforrest

Alexander Ward @AlexanderWard777

Also thank you to the Hollywood Combat Center for the use of some dirt! Check out David Baker @BakerBlades!

And as always, thank you to Jordan Bennett for making us sound cooler than we even think we look. The original music is always the cherry on top. Check him out @jabenmusic

You know when you've had a terrific year when you get to work some incredible minds - and this definitely applies to Iron Relic Entertainment. It's such a thrill to work with their great talents day in and day out. Happy Holidays!

Huge thank you to Iron Relic Entertainment for having me on as their Director for their short "Chalchiuhtotalin," a short film that takes a comedic take on Aztec gods and Thanksgiving, the great Chalchiuhtotalin threatens the bond between three friends. I'm so thrilled to have led this incredible team & creative group to take home 17 nominations and 8 wins, including Best Director and best stunts.

Thank you to Just Shoot It and Iron Relic Entertainment for having me as your Lead Actress and stunt performer for "Wicked Ways," Directed by Joseph Rassool. Our Film took home 1 win at the LA 48 Hour Film Festival - but some rave reviews for our heart wrenching period piece that takes a devastating look into the Salem Witch Trials. Thank you to Ryan Stockstad from Pop Culture Beast for this stunning review.

Huge thank you to the hang Stunt Coordinators Luke LaFontaine and Joe Perez for there expertise & giving me the opportunity to perform both the hang to double actress Emily Blokker Dalquist, but also my fire burn at the end of the film. 

PopCulture Beast "The practical stuntwork is chilling, first as one character is hanged to death, then a second is burned alive."

It's always a great thrill to get a work call, but to work for Coordinator Merritt Yohnka is beyond great! Had the honor to take the fall for stellar actress Christina Carlisi on Rizzoli & Isles. See you in Season 6, premiers June 2015 on TNT!

Check out Season 6 Episode 7 not just for hilarity, but yours truly gets to stunt as a SWAT team member. Gladly took some falls for Coordinator Chris Bradley, and got to work with a great stunt team on the day too!

Head to #adultswim now!

Thank you to Director Keith Davis and Stunt Coordinator Dante Ha for having me on their web series, Keys to Freedom that takes Steam Punk to the extreme. This is an action thriller that is sure to get your blood pumping! Check out their Facebook page for more: Keys to Freedom

Huge thank you to the Stunt Players Directory for hosting the #HITYOURMARK Challenge! Stuntman Joshua Bradley and myself took on the challenge with swords and really cold Atlanta asphalt. Check out the video below! 

Ever want to know what cuddly yet deadly Ninjas look like? Sometimes as a choreographer or performer, I like to bond with my teammates! But in all seriousness, check out Total Awesome Viking Power!! Full of hilarious adventure, and of course, MAGIC! Also check them out on Instagram @TAVP

TAVP is now on the festival circuit and racking up quite a bit of regard. Congrats to director Morten Forland for his great success. 

Speaking of Totally awesome viking power....

So excited to have worked with Kevin Warn Photography with a super fun stunt shoot with Victoria Ortiz, Bryan Forrest, Carolyn Feres, and Alexander Ward. Check out Kevin's blog here:

Also check out Kevin on Instagram @kevinwarn, and Facebook & Twitter @warnphotography

Thrilled to be working on a new line of AXE commercials as their LA Project Manager, Location Scout, & Casting Associate. 

Huge thank you to R-Lines Productions for having me on board. Series of episodes posted above! And check out in Episode Three how Production Coordinator Carmen Aiello and I got a Hummer Limo on a roof!

It's that time of year again!! Not only Christmas, joy, and all that other crap, but time for #fightbeforechristmas!!

For the full journey, search #fightbeforechristmas on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook. 

Now even better!! Watch it! at

It has been an honor to be a part of Drama Deluxe's trailer TO SERVE AND PROTECT.  The poignant story focuses on the Kelly Thomas story that happened in Southern California a few years ago. However, it comes in a time where our country suffers from #policebrutality and questions about whether they are here to #serveorprotect. 

Take a look at the Kickstarter that I was so thrilled to have done the Stunt Coordination for. 

Insanely proud to share my latest reel and one that I've never done before! Posted here is my Stunt Choregraphy and Coordination reel. 

Being a performer is my priority right now, but I have been so blessed that others trust me with actors and to tell their action story. I only hope that this reel continues to grow & connect with more producers, directors, and fellow stunt colleagues. 

FartBarf (yes you heard it right) has a Music Video thanks to the brilliance of Brandon Dermer (@BrandonDMOB) and starring Vine & YouTube Sensation (& rising star) Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny). I had the joy of doing the Stunt Coordination for the project, and included getting Amanda ready to knock a fight & a kip up out of the park.

Bloody Disgusting Exclusive



Huge thank you to DryRun Productions and @DNeighborsband for having me for their Podcast, FInal Hour! And it was made into a 2 parter! How cool is that?!?! Their podcast is fun to listen to with Hosts Seth Yohnka (@sethyohnka) and Brian Wallis (@wallistheelder), and they talk mainly about entertainment news, but throw in pop culture, football, & all sorts of stuffs!

Subscribe and Listen!! Plus, I'm freakin' hilarious with these guys

Part 1

Part 2

A JOURNEY BACK not only made into the top film of the Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Festival, but we got some nominations and WINS! So proud to share the Best Practical FX award with Bryan Forrest (@sirbryanforrest). Way to to Just Shoot It!! Want to know what else we are working on, follow @JustShootMovies on Twitter

More news to come about A JOURNEY BACK with this year's Los Angeles 48 Hour Film Project @LA48HFP!

EXTREME Ice Bucket Challenge. STUNT STYLE

Giant thank you to Dry Run Productions and writer & director Jordan Wallis for the opportunity to work on this super spooky film, PRANK.

To follow this film, like it on FACEBOOK or for more from Dry Run Productions, go to


Insanely proud to be a puppeteer for the amazing & inspirational Sypher Art Studios for the video THE GOBLIN KITCHEN to promote the Labyrinth of Jareth XVII.  This video is also close to my heart as the music is written by my favorite composer and husband, Jordan Bennett; lyrics by Sasha Travis and Shawn Strider.

I also am excited to be the Assistant Stunt Coordinator, Fight Captain, & Lead Choreographer for the Labyrinth of Jareth XVII. Shows are July 4th and 5th at the historic Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. For more information, go to 

And here are some more videos of the behind the scenes with the stunt/fight team for this year's show! Thank you to @ChaoticAwesome for interviewing me and @SirBryanForrest for getting more details on how we wanted to make this year's fight scenes for the masquerade bigger, better, & more brutal.

Great day with Choreographer & StuntMan Bryan Sloyer in Porter Ranch, CA doing some fun fight choreography. It was also a blast throwing blows with Stuntwoman Amanda Borchardt.

Bryan specializes in martial arts choreography & really pushed us to work with this style of Korean stunt fighting. Needless to say, it was great fun!

New Stunt Demo is up and ready to rock n' roll!

See the Vimeo details for thank you's! There is always more footage, but the challenge is to fit it into a minute! Happy Watching! This stunt girl is ready and available for more work in 2014 & beyond!

Also, new profiles are up with Stunt Phone & iStunt!

It's been launched! And it's time to make America laugh! So thrilled to be a part of this project as their Production Coordinator.

Take a look at the French King of Comedy and YouTube in France, BAPTISTE LORBER! We are working in conjunction with GOLDENMUSTACHE.COM and KRAFT Foods. Lorber is coming to Hollywood this April for more adventures and laughter. 

The website has been launched:

And see our full page ad in VARIETY! (March 25, 2014)

#goodluckcarambar and Follow Baptiste on Twitter @Baptiste_Lorber

It's about time I post about horses again, and how thrilling to do so as part of the Rancho Indalo Riding Team! Headed up by Anthony De Longis, and along side with Mary De Longis, Sara Warner, Dave Baker, and J.W. 
We wil be sword fighting, spear heading, galloping, and whipping our way up and down the giant arena in Del Mar-and quite frankly couldn't be happier to do so aboard fantastic horses-Latigo, Nathez, Ringo, and Mr. T.
We will be riding in the Del Mar National Horse Show April 17-19, 2014. 
Want to learn how to do some of this amazing stuff, Anthony De Longis is an internationally well known teacher. Check out

The collaboration with the West Coast Jewish Theatre has been phenomenal and I am thrilled to be a part of the team for THE WHIPPING MAN written my Matthew Lopez as their Fight Director/Choreographer.
The Los Angeles Times said "Matthew Lopez's “The Whipping Man,” presented by the West Coast Jewish Theatre at the Pico Playhouse, is an unusual yet well-crafted drama written with the no-holds-barred emotionalism of vintageWillian Inge or Arthur Miller."
Actors Ricco Ross, Shawn Savage, and Kirk Kelleykhan were a delight to work with and make the fight scenes we worked so hard to develop dynamic & put them center stage for this show. It runs at the Pico Playhouse until April 13,2014 and is Ovation Recommended! 
Review from Bitter Lemons
Review from The Examiner

Merry Christmas 2013! This is a spectacular project that I wrote and collaborated with B.O.B Productions and Dry Run Productions. T'WERE THE FIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS is sure to get you in the holiday spirit and appreciate your family just a little bit more. 

Happy Holidays from Jethro, Bubba, and Mary Jo. 

It's that magical time of year, and sometimes it takes drastic measures to survive.

It is always great to team up with my friend and incredible talent Laura Napoli on her latest endeavor. Check out this video! 

Animation & the Farmer's Voice by Mark Alkofer

Produced & The Turkey by Laura Napoli

Music & Sound by Jordan Bennett

Yours truly is playing PUCK this December 2013 in North Hollywood's very own A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM!

Produced by Busy Living Theatre in NoHo Park West. Come join us in the part for a picnic and Shakespeare.


 It was such a pleasure to work with director, Blake Gearheard, on FATHER CHRISTMAS as the Fight and stunt Coordinator.  I got to work with my long time cohort Chris Bradley as the Special FX Coordinator and Stunt Actors, whom are absolutely stellar, Mario Rocha and Bobby C King.

Time to team up with Iron Shield Arms again for #Comikaze! I had the honor of fighting actress Sara Warner in a Pfiefer Catwoman vs Black Widow Fight.

To see this amazing fight: click here (footage courtesy of Sara Warner)

Choreography was done by Anthony De Longis who taught Pfiefer her whip skills and in the latest Britney Spears Music Video as her whip teacher and double. For more on Anthony and how to learn from him as well, go to

This year I have had the great honor of working with the batty brains of the COMPLETE UNKNOWN. We are a sketch show and comedy pilot. Check our our latest sketch: Dunn and Donne 

As  a part of Team Just Shoot It, we competed as part of the International 48 Hour Film Festival in the LA District. We were chosen as the Best of LA (top 23 out of 123) for our film CURIO, a horror short. I did the Stunt Coordination and acted in it. We were also nominated for Best Speical FX and Best Music. The music was done by my very own husband and composer Jordan Bennett. CURIO is now film festival bound, but cannot wait to share the footage in the near future. 

I was honored to work with Casting Director Carmen Aiello on the feature film GUTSHOT STRAIGHT as the Casting Assistant. This premier was at Fox Studios and could not have been more excited to be a part of this production.

So thrilled to have worked with Kristen Nedopak, Nedopak Productions, and Iron Shield Arms for the tremendous opportunity to perform at this year's Geekie Awards! #RUGeekie I got to perform for the Cold Open and the live show! Check the link out below! 

I play Black Widow in the video and the Sith Lord in the live show.

I am now over the moon after an amazing time at Stunt and Circus Camp, to be teaming up with Stage Time LA at their Theatre Camp! The theme is pirates and I will be teaching the kiddos the basics of sword fighting! They will also be learning a short fight to show off to their families. En guarde! 

For more about Stage Time LA, go here:

June 2013 was full of Stunts and Circus! For 2 weeks, Jeri Habberstad Kalvan ( and I created two different live shows to show off the amazing skills these kiddos from ages 4-14 gained over that time.

The first week was a collaboration with student and up and coming stunt man Benny Briggs to create the LAND OF FOOLS. The second week Jeri and I teamed up with actor Cody Sullivan to put on our Super Hero Show! Needless to say, we had way too much. 

Camp was at JJ Gym in Van Nuys. Perfect for any of your stunting, rehearsal, and circus needs. For more on the gym and camp, please visit 

I am so thrilled to be working with the Groundlings School! I have been accepted into their Profesional Track. Hopefully more updates to come! 

Best Scare Actors in the Biz for 2012! Scare Zone rates its favorites and DELUSION is one of the best-especially when it comes to performance! Click HERE for the review!

Thank you to Directors Neil Patrick Harris and Jon Braver for the opportunity to do over 600 high falls (through a window) and wire gags. It was an incredible opportunity to perform & make a stellar show. 

PHINEAS HAWKE now available at Audio Drop Central! First episode available December 10, 2012, but keep checking back for  more episodes!

For a taste of the time travel adventure, click HERE!

"Phineas Hawke will show you a great time... until he steals you blind. A former Time Corps agent who likes to use his training to seek his own fortune, Phineas is about to find out that there isn't any where or when he can escape to when his past catches up with him.

Audio Drops are here! Have a road trip coming up? Have a long commute? Or just like listening to great stories? Here is your answer.

I currently do voices for RED COLT and PHINEAS HAWKE. A huge thank you to Angry Viking Productions for having me on the team

Stay tuned for more information and episodes! But got to NOW!

Follow @eperickson on Twitter for chances to win AudioDrops and updates on episodes

A great review from Here!

So it is that lovely time of year again, where those of us in Los Angeles dream about scarves and apple picking. But we sure do know how to do Halloween! This year I will be performing high falls and wire work for DELUSION: THE BLOOD RITE.. Written and directed by fellow stuntman Jon Braver, and also Produced by Neil Patrick Harris, this is hands down the best thing, and the scariest, you can do in Los Angeles for All Hallow's Eve

For ticket information, click here. There are group discount rates as well.

Don't believe me yet, check out this phenomenal review from Joss Whedon from Opening Weekend:

(I am on Cloud 9 about this one!)

Another Review from DREAD CENTRAL, they say, "this isn't the typical action you'd find on a stage or theme park stunt show....this is real deal Hollywood stuff...they scurry up walls and fly through the air thanks to expertly timed wirework and lighting."

For more:

Some people from Goldstar are saying: "The acting and show effects are superb and spectacular. Also, with so many groups, it amazes me how the entire cast kept it professional, as if we were the only visitors going into this foreboding manor. We were the very last group to enter the attraction and the energy level was high and convincing. What really makes this attraction top rated on my list is the interactivity. You feel as if you are part of the story and every single person takes part in moving the story along. It is so immersive and all around exciting. "

Hopefully more to come, especially images!

Delusion: The Blood Rite runs September 27-December 6, 2012

 Spring 2012

I had the honor to work with the Florida Grand Opera in the 2011-2012 Season in Romeo et Juliette. I spirit gummed my beard and hopped on stage with some of the world's most gorgeous voices on the Miami and Ft. Lauderdale stages to perform as a swordsman. 

Directed by David Lefkowich, this was a charming and well adapted version of Gounod's Opera.

Fight Captains: Joshua Bradley and Chris Bradley


The Sun Sentinel

Below, the Stunt Team has a little fun with Tenor Sebestien Gueze 

 I had the pleasure to do a 16 week run in the Santa Monica Playhouse's celebrated 50th year celebration season! It was DOLLS, NOT YOUR USUAL LOVE STORY. More or less, a tale about what your dolls do when you are not with them, but even more what happens when a child needs to truly grow up. With plenty of dancing, catching rhymes, and lots of singing, audiences were captivated by this story.

I was said to have "verve" as I played TRICKSTER. The sneaky nymph that only speak in rhymes. It was an honor to work with Santa Monica Playhouse's Evelyn Rudie and Chris DeCarlo-they are truly keeping theatre in Los Angeles alive.

The Tolucan Times said it was a "beautifully conceived show...filled with original songs, the musical examines the secret life of nine toys...the bare their souls and dreams as they wonder what will become of them."

And Evelyn Challis, a reviewer with the American Press Service, had her doubts about this "chick-play," but she was awed by each character: "all were totally charming and convincing as they presented themselves to us." Lastly, "[Come] to the Santa Monica won't be sorry."